Men women trans gender fluid and couples are all welcome.

Dominatrix Sheba is a beautiful, petite blonde with large blue eyes which you will drown in. The cruelest thing that She can do is to take Her attention away from you. You will yearn for Her touch and offer your pathetic body in any way possible to make it happen. The sound of Her laugh is like music to your worthless ears and you will exist purely for Her own amusement – until She tires of you.

Dominatrix Sheba works from a well equipped BDSM studio located about five minutes from Plymouth city centre. She takes great delight in bondage and breath play, CBT and nipple torture. If you have a smoking fetish then She is the lady to see. She possesses the most perfect feet and will allow a lowly slave to worship and adore them. If you are a very lucky slave and please Her, She may allow you to worship more than just Her feet.

Meet Dominatrix Sheba

International Dominatrix

My services are for entertainment purposes ONLY! This is not an offer for any sexual activities or favours. I accept tributes for my time only. No paid scene will include sexual intercourse. If you seek this, call someone else. No scene will have either individual under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.  No scene will ever include any form of domination over me. You may not spank/flog/cane or tie me up (though I will gladly do these to you). I am neither a submissive nor your slave/bottom/sub. Tribute rates listed are for time and companionship and are not to be considered payment for any sexual services or favours. Tribute rates are time based & not negotiable.



Well, what can I say; I am not going to go into too much detail because I would be here all night describing the intensity of meeting Queen Sheba can give. It was obvious from the off that her level of knowledge in this field and expertise is well ahead of mine from opposite ends of the spectrum. When I arrived I was offered refreshments and clean up facilities which I availed myself of. Sheba took control as soon as I re-entered the room, ordering me to strip and stand naked in front of her for inspection.

Having been scrutinized I was put in shackles, wrists ankles and neck and then tied to a frame. The session began in earnest then with a prolonged period of teasing touch with pain between from nipple twisting etc, all of which got me very worked up.

My position was changed at intervals so I never got stiff or cramped in any one position for too long and the abuse continued skillfully in each position. The whole session was a prolonged tease which took me to a very good space in my brain which Sheba skillfully maintained at an enheightened pitch throughout.

The session was brought to a close with a mind numbing crescendo of activity which left my head spinning and both mind and body exhausted.

A fantastic session which will definitely see me going back for more, delivered by a consummate professional.

Unhesitatingly recommended, a must to visit, Sheba is addictive.


Upon arrival Queen Sheba had me strip naked and standing in front of her whilst she complimented various parts of my body. She then Tok an interest in the clothing that I had brought along to wear and then allowed me to dress in my chosen garments.
Sheba began to tease me with the obvious resulting reaction from my body,. she then ordered me onto the bed again teasing with the proximity of her body to mine.
I was so pleased when she allowed me to caress her body through the clothing that I had requested she wear so sensuous !
Sheba was attentive and used the whole of her body to expertly tease my throbbing body.
At no time was I forced to do anything more than we had agreed.
Eventually My Queen allowed me the release for which I had been aching.
I was allowed recovery time before being offered a warm shower and then we had a chat before saying our good byes.
This was by far he best experience that I have had with a lady she truly is a Queen at her role and made me walk away feeling like a King !!
Can’t wait until next time WOW !!!